Public Safety Diver Training

Public Safety Diving Experience

EmergencyThe Technical Diving Instructor, Captain Mark Fowler, is a 25 year veteran of the Virginia State Police. Mark served on the State Police Scuba Team for 20 years and served as the Division 5 Senior Diver/Team Leader. Mark is also the author of the PADI distinctive specialty "Public Safety Diver" and "Under Water Crime Scene Investigator" courses. Mark teaches scuba predominantly in High Springs, Florida, but is also available to teach in Virginia Beach, VA and Morehead City, NC.

These programs are designed to train divers in the use of diving and Nitrox for professional reasons and to operate in waters of limited visibility while employing structured methods in the retrieval of submerged evidence from a maximum depth of 100 fsw (30 msw) and the potential use of this evidence in a court room. This class is normally restricted to fire departments, police and governmental agencies with a need to use diving for work purposes. This is not a recreational diver course.

Public Safety Courses Offered:

  • Public Safety Diver
  • Under Water Crime Scene Investigator
  • Public Saftey Dry Suite Diver
  • Pulic Safety Deep Diver
  • CCR Public Safety Diver
  • Public Safety Diver Instructor
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