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I have always taken pride in my teaching and instructing. Those who train with me learn many basic principles of diving. My approach is not based on the money but the love of diving and teaching and watching the progression each student takes. I always preach survival underwater and even though I teach the various protocols I advocate to think out side the box. My motto is "when the class ends the mentoring begins" my classes don't stop at the end of training because I keep my students diving.

-Mark Fowler


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option2001Explore beyond the limits of recreational diving with the IANTD Technical Diver programs. Our Technical programs will add a whole new level of safety and fun to your diving - giving you the skills and confidence to explore wrecks and other dive sites out of reach of the crowds...

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option3001Take full advantage of the cutting-edge benefits that rebreathers deliver - greater gas efficiency, extended bottom times and more efficient decompression. Rebreathers offer a new dimension in diving and IANTD is your key to this exciting technology...

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Mark Fowler teaches technical scuba diving and closed circuit rebreather (CCR) diving predominantly in the High Springs Florida area.  Mark is also available to teach technical diving and public safety diving in Virginia Beach, Virginia and Morehead City, North Carolina.