Technical Diving Instructor

Mark Fowler 2Experience

Captain Mark Fowler holds Technical Diving Instructor Ratings with IANTD, PADI and NSS / CDS and is a Technical Diving Instructor Trainer with IANTD.

Technical Diving in High Springs, FL

Mark predominantly teaches in the High Springs, Florida area, but also is available to teach in Virginia Beach, VA and Morehead City, NC.


  • Over twenty-five years of experience in the field of Public Safety
  • Over 20 years of experience as a Scuba Diver, Scuba Instructor, Technical Diving Instructor and Search & Recovery Diver
  • Past Director of the International Underwater Cave Rescue & Recovery Team
  • American Red Cross Instructor
  • Virginia State Police Tactical Field Force member
  • Over 6,000 dives logged; 1000 plus of those have exceeded depths of 130 feet in cave or overhead environments
  • Author of “Public Safety Diver”, “Underwater Crime Scene Investigator” and “IUCRR Diver” courses
  • Virginia State Police Scuba Team Senior Diver/Division 5 Coordinator
    • Overall responsibility for the diving operations
    • Responsibility for the execution of detail
    • Adherence to safety procedures
    • Responsibility to ensure divers conform with policy and procedures
    • Ensure that documentation and reports are completed
    • Responsibility to coordinate with multi agency operations
    • Responsibility to ensure that monthly training dives are conducted
    • Responsibility to ensure that all diving operations are conducted in a professional manner
  • Department of Criminal Justice Services general instructor
  • Extensive background in public speaking and instructing/training
  • United States Coast Guard, 100 Ton Masters License
      Over 3000 days at sea in inland/near coastal waters

    • Extensive experience in boat diving operations
    • Supervises a crew of 3
    • Responsible for up to 25 divers on commercial charter boat
    • Performs miscellaneous vessel maintenance
  • Experience in Technical Diving Instruction
    • Over 2,000 Divers Trained

Deep Sea 3


Commonwealth Diving
Yorktown, Virginia
Training Coordinator and Instructor
1996 – 1998

Dive Quarters
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Training Director
1999 – 2003
Director, International Underwater Cave Rescue and Recovery Team

Virginia State Police
Virginia, USA
Master Trooper
2010 – 2013 (Retired)
Senior Trooper
1993 – 2010
1986 – 1993
Technical Scuba Instructor/Instructor Trainer
Criminal Justice Services General Instructor
Crime Prevention Specialist

Senior Diver/Division Team Coordinator
Division Team Coordinator
1996 – 2002

Ocean Explorer Charters
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Boat Captain and Instructor
2005 – 2011

Lynnhaven Dive Center Technical Instructor
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Boat Captain and Boat Manager
2003 – 2011

International Assosiation of Nitrox and Technical Divers, Training Consultant
Nov 2013 - Present